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Chef Kati PetersKati has been a strict ovo-lacto vegetarian for the past 49 years and has taught healthful cuisine in Japan, Toronto, and the Seattle area for over 35 years. Food is her passion: she loves shopping for food, preparing food, eating food, and of course, talking about food!

Her expertise is in traditional Japanese cooking and living here in the Puget Sound area, we are so fortunate to be able to purchase authentic ingredients easily and relatively inexpensively.

In Japan, Kati taught Western Vegetarian cooking (in Japanese) and then after moving to Toronto, began teaching Japanese Cooking (in English). She concentrates on traditional recipes using many of the wonderful soy products and seaweeds so essential to good health.

Kati preparing her infamous Tofu Steak.

Kati's students not only walk away with a deeper knowledge of the beauty of Japanese cuisine, but receive a cultural lesson and proper Japanese pronunciation as well!

Luscious Lessons is the 'instructional catering' business that Kati heads where she 'teaches the feast' that the clients and their guests partake in. All the authentic utensils and dishes make the dining experience truly Memorable.

Aside from private classes, Chef Kati has also taught classes in Japanese and vegetarian cuisine at Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma, Pasta and Co, The Compleat Cook, J.F. Henry, Cook's World, Madison Market, Discover U, Hyogo Cultural Center, Mrs. Cook, Larry's Market, PCC (Puget Consumer's Co-op), Whole Foods, The Bon Marché (Macy's), Bob's Red Mill, Uwajimaya, and Blue Ribbon Cooking School.

Kati also offers private classes and instructional catering.