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Seattle Area

Araya's Vegetarian Place - U District, Madison Valley
5240 University Way NE 206.524.4332
Totally vegan all you can eat Thai Buffet that is plentiful and colorful.
Araya's Madison Valley - The newest in the bunch and just across the street from Cafe Flora, tucked behind some shops and in the same place Rovers was for many years. The food is completely vegetarian and always delicious. Just recently they began the famous lunch buffet like the other location.

Blue C Sushi - Fremont, U Village, Alderwood Mall, Bellevue Square
3411 Fremont Ave N 206.633.3411
Many vegetarian choices at conveyor belt prices. Friendly good service. Nice ambiance.
Cactus - Madison Valley, Bellevue, Kirkland
Three locations. Great veggie options and definitely more upscale than the usual Mexican joint.
Cafe Turko - Fremont
My new fav. Total home cooking by a big family and you can taste the love. Many many vegetarian options. The appetizers are the best. You can order a sampler of various hummos with the most vibrant colors. The spinach is sublime. It almost feels as if you’re sitting in someone’s private home.
Chuminh Deli - Seattle (Little Saigon)
This small cafe is run by Buddhist women who state "They care more about the health and well-being of their customers, than getting rich". It is purely vegetarian and the varied menu changes daily. There are steaming bowls of Pho and sandwiches as well as plates of a little of this and a little of that if you wish. They make their own soymilk in three flavors (pandam, unsweetened and sweetened) and are more than happy to let you taste all of them. The traditional Vietnamese desserts are to die for! They have a small parking lot in front which is the International District is a big bonus.
After a couple years, they’ve expanded to the place next door and now have a completely vegetarian daily buffet. The food is made with love and is different than the usual Vietnamese faire. I wish they’d spend as much time on mopping the floors and wiping down the tables as they do on their food.

The Grill from Ipanema - Belltown
2313 1st Ave, 206.457.4885

The salad bar is a vegetarian's dream come true, however, they specialize in Rodizio (the skewers of meat that they bring to your table) so be prepared to overlook that. On weekends they offer their buffet salad bar for lunch where you can eat your brains out on wonderful artichoke bottoms, hearts of palm, roasted eggplants and red peppers drizzled with yummy olive oil, etc. They spare no cost in serving the most wonderful high-end veggies. They also have Brasilian drinks (both alcoholic and not) that you've probably never had before.
Honey Court - International District
516 Maynard Ave S 206.292.8828
REAL Chinese food. Not vegetarian, but they are very willing to make wonderful dishes to order. The portions are immense.
I Love Sushi - Lake Union
1001 Fairview Ave N 206.625.9604
Elegant Japanese food. Not strictly vegetarian, but no meat on the menu. The owner, Yokoyama San, is very involved in the natural food scene and has recently added a large variety of savory tofu items.
jhanjay - Wallingford
1718 N 45th St 206.632.
Vegetarian Thai Cuisine. Huge menu that is prepared beautifully and all our dishes were spiced to perfection.
Kisaku - Wallingford
2101 N 55th St 206.545.9050
Lovely sushi and they were willing to remake some of the dishes (i.e. agedashi dofu) without bonito dashi for us! Not many busy places will do that for new customers!! 5 stars right there!! The veggie tempura was plentiful and delicious also.
Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream - Wallingford:
1622 1/2 N 45th St  206.547.5105
Capitol Hill:
917 E Pine St 206.708.7947
Huge portions of organic ice cream in a warm homemade waffle cone. Salted Caramel is their top seller and my #1 choice each time. We always get a couple pints to take home. The prices are very reasonable for the quality and quantity.
Moonlight Cafe - International District, Seattle
1919 South Jackson St 206.322.3378
Who knew there was something more than PHO??!! Very extensive Vietnamese dining and the vegetarian menu has 105 items on it and so far, everything we've ordered has been scrumptious. Parking is right out front which is not the norm in the Int'l. District.
Perche No! - Greenlake
Just south of Greenlake is this wonderful Italian restaurant run by a whole family of Chinese descent who lived in Italy for years and years. They speak whatever language you want!!! Everything is yummy: the crusty bread on the table, the high-end olive oil to dip the yummy bread, the salads, the main dishes and the desserts. The owner is a riot, so friendly and chatty. The family goes home to Italy annually and the restaurant closes down for a month. No one makes the food better, so they don't allow anyone to cook while they're away. Brilliant!
Poppy - Capitol Hill
Poppy is not vegetarian, but a vegetarian has no trouble eating well there. Lovely local items artistically prepared to perfection await you at this trendy Capitol Hill location. Chef/owner Jerry Traunfeld, famous master of The Herbfarm, has once again made his culinary mark in Seattle dining.
Portage Bay Cafe - Various locations
4130 Roosevelt Way NE, 206.547.8230
391 Terry Ave N, 206.462.6400
Wonderful breakfast served all day with seasonal menus. Not your run of the mill fare. Many veggie and organic items and the portions are large. Not open for dinner.
Saigon Deli - Seattle
1237 S Jackson St (between S 12th Ave & S Boren Ave)  206.322.3700
My husband and I are always on the lookout for the best Bahn Mi sandwiches and so far, Saigon Deli is #1 hands down. They are also the cheapest, which is a bonus! Parking is ample and normally we just eat in the car 'cuz we just can't wait to dig in. The French bread is perfectly warm and crunchy and the tofu and veggies are yummy. The spiciness is just right too. The deli case is filled with wonderful authentic desserts and you know by the line of people, that you're in the right place.
Senor Moose Cafe - Ballard
5242 Leary Ave. NW, 206.784.5568
Be prepared to wait, especially for brunch, but who cares when you will have the best home-cooked Mexican food north of ME-HI-KO! Very unique dishes with numerous vegetarian choices.
Sutra - Wallingford
1605 N 45th St, 206.547.1348
I'm so jealous.....this is what I've always dreamed of doing. Sutra is a homey large square room with high tables and chairs. The four owners prepare exquisite organic, vegetarian, seasonal meals in a prix-fixe arrangement four nights weekly with two seatings each evening. There are four courses served with love and patience. You sit with other diners and chat in the mellow surroundings. Not cheap....but it shouldn't be for what you receive. (Across the street from Molly Moon....but you probably will be too full to indulge after your Sutra dinner!)  
Tamarind Tree - International District
1036 South Jackson St, Suite A, 206.860.1404
Eclectic Vietnamese dining in a tucked away funky spot on the north side of Jackson in the I.D. Amazing food and lots of veggie options. 
Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria - Seattle
4918 Rainier Ave. S. 206.721.3501
Stone Way, Wallingford
South Lake Union
Gilman Blvd, Issaquah
As an East Coast pizza lover, I thoroughly approve of this spectacular pizzeria. There are numerous vegetarian options and two of the four salad choices are vegetarian. This is one of only ten pizza establishments in the United States that has received approval by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana from Naples Italy. 
U:Don - Seattle
AThis place on the Ave. rocks! It's quick and because all they do is Udon, they know how to do it right. You take your tray and slide down telling the master chefs what you want in your custom bowl. You can choose various sizes, veggie broth, add-ons, etc. Viola…'s ready and so delish. It's like being in Japan, only better----I've never seen veggie broth in an Udon shop in Japan!! 
Veggie Grill - Seattle
The California chain has finally arrived and there are two locations in Seattle. Everything on the extensive menu is vegan and very flavorful. Soups are changed daily and you can ask for a taste first. There are wraps, burgers (the buns are wheat and tasty), salads, soups and four desserts to choose from. Even the self-serve drinks are healthy and delicious. I hear one will be opening on the Eastside soon! 
Vios - Capitol Hill, Ravenna
We are always on the lookout for a good Middle Eastern restaurant and Vios did not disappoint. The waitstaff was awesome and the food was mainly vegetarian! It was packed with neighborhood folks with kids and babies (all well behaved!) and such a great vibe. Everything we ate was terrific. 
Wann - Seattle
2020 2nd Ave, 206.441.5637

Japanese Izakaya style which means small plates of appetizer-sized items. Vegetarian friendly, but beware the "bonito" which are fish flakes used to make the broth (dashi). The kitchen has, on each occasion, been wonderful about making us vegetarian dashi.  Beautiful food presentation in this eclectic and modern venue.
Yoroshiku: (4649) - Wallingford

The name is a play on the numbers and means ‘please take care of me’. The owner is from Sapporo Japan, where I lived for many years, and many of the dishes are from that northern island. There are a number of vegetarian dishes on the menu such as ramen (delicious) and the famous OKONOMIYAKI which is a veggie savory ‘pancake’ that is so famous in Japan. Normally it’s made with meat, but Yoroshiku has a veggie version also. Arigato!!.



Blue Ginger - Bellevue
14045 NE 20th St, 425.746.1222

This large, clean restaurant is basically a Korean barbeque place however, as vegetarians, we ate like royalty. The staff altered some of the standards and we had the traditional seafood pancakes sans fish and it was so lovely. Bimbimpap (all veggie) was wonderful and the tofu soup was spicy and wonderful. Plus when you sit down, you are served warm roasted corn tea and a table full of various veggies and traditional pickles that alone make a nice meal.
Bombay House - Bellevue
15100 SE 38th St. #305A, 425.7

New totally vegetarian restaurant in the Eastgate area of Bellevue. The food is very good and plentiful (chai is included in the lunch buffet) but I warn you, it is not spicy like all the other Indian places around. That's my only complaint; they are dumbing it down for the kids and non-Indians, hence not too many customers. I've spoken to the owner each of the two times we've been there and they said they plan to change that issue. My take on it is: If you don't like spicy Indian food, don't go to an Indian restaurant!
Chaat House - Bellevue

Brand new in Bellevue just south of the Fred Meyer’s in the Overlake area. It’s very authentic and a bit different than all the other Indian places in town. You order at the counter and they call your number when it’s done. 100% vegetarian!! Not fancy, but yummy. A huge Indian supermarket is in the same strip mall.
Chantanee Thai Restaurant - Bellevue
601 108th Ave NE #100a, 425.455.3226

Thai cuisine. Quite accommodating to vegetarians. Portions are very generous and service is outstanding.
Coco's - Bellevue

Ramen is the big thing right now and there are many restaurants highlighting this Japanese delicacy. I keep trying them all and Coco’s is about the best so far! The place is very large, not super gorgeous, but I’m going for taste, not decor on this one. You place your order at the counter and they deliver the goods in no time. The vegetarian ramen is excellent—full of flavor and veggies.
Din Tai Fung - University Village and Bellevue, Lincoln Square
700 Bellevue Way NE Ste 280, 425.698.

All over Asia and finally in Washington is this dumpling specialty house. It's located on the second floor of Lincoln Square (across from Bellevue Sq.) at the south end of the walkway bridge to the Hyatt Hotel. It's a bit tricky to locate the first time. Although not a vegetarian restaurant, they have many scrumptous offering that are vegetarian/vegan. Only one of the dumpling choices (10 pc. per order) is vegetarian but the numerous side dishes are. Be sure to tell the wait person that you want vegetarian veggies as they use chicken stock in the veggies otherwise. Each dumpling is guaranteed to arrive at your table within ten minutes of being made!!! On November 20th, the larger University Village restaurant will be opening.
Firenze Ristorante Italiano  - Bellevue
15600 NE 8th St, 425.957.1077

Just in case you don't know, Firenze is how Italians say 'Florence'. This is an upscale fabulous restaurant on the north edge of Crossroads Mall. The Vegetarian Risotto is TO DIE FOR. It's pricey but when the quality of food is this good, it doesn't matter. Probably the best Italian food on the Eastside.
Garlic Crush - Bellevue

Small space with ample parking right next door. The food is amazing and the long lunch lines attest to that. Many veggie options available and the prices are fair.
Kanishka Cuisine of India - Redmond
16101 Redmond Way 425.869.9182
Daily buffet is hearty and oh-so-filling. Many many vegetarian options and big kudos to Kanishka for using real saffron (the world's most expensive spice) in their yummy rice pudding.
Kirkland Pho House - Kirkland
12026 NE 85th St. 425.605.
Not too many Vietnamese places on the Eastside and this one is a gem! Not only do they have a dedicated vegetarian section to their menu, but they also have Tofu Banh Mi (sandwiches) that are yummy! It's not a big restaurant, but it's sunny, clean and the parking is plentiful. The people working there are very friendly too.
Kukai - Bellevue

Finally vegetarian ramen!!! This place really makes you feel as if you are in Japan with its large attentive staff (most of whom speak Japanese). There is only one vegetarian ramen (with a soymilk base) and it's pretty good, although a bit bland for my taste. Don't forget to get some add-ons for the ramen, like the yummy half cooked egg and/or extra green veggies. A few of the side dishes are also veggie and the Spinach with Goma Ae is to die for!!!
Malay Satay Hut - Redmond
15230 NE 24th St, 425.564-0888

This unique restaurant is very vegetarian friendly with many colorful and exciting dishes. The mango tofu dish is amazing and excites every taste bud.
Mayuri Indian Restaurant -
Bellevue: 2115 Bell-Red Road,
Bothell: 20611 Bothell-Everett Hwy,
Unbelievable authentic Northern and Southern Indian buffet seven days a week. I have NEVER been disappointed in my 100+ visits there!
Oh! India - Bellevue
15600 NE 8th St. (Suite 9), 425.641

Yet another great Indian restaurant on the Eastside! Very large lunch buffet with many veggie options. This is the third incarnation of Indian in this location on the north extremity of Crossroads Mall. The restaurant is NOT accessed from the mall with lots of parking available.
Pabla Veggie Cuisine -
Renton: 364 Renton Center Way, 425.455.2793
Issaquah: 1420 N.W. Gilman Blvd, 425.392.4725
Completely vegetarian daily buffet and menu items for dinner. Always good and always the same! I like surprises but I know what lunch will be anytime I go as whatever they serve today, is what they had last time too! 
Pomegranate - Redmond
18005 NE 68th St, 425.556.5972
Lisa Dupar has had a successful catering business for decades so naturally her adjacent restaurant would be a hit. Try the flatbreads. The menu changes often and while dining you can watch the bakers work through the glass along the huge back wall.
Santa Fe Grill - Totem Lake
12709 NE 124th St, 425.821.9405
Many veggie options and GINORMOUS portions. Unlike the majority of Mexican restaurants, Santa Fe Grill does NOT use lard in their frijoles and does NOT us chicken stock in their rice. Virtually all of the Mexican places we've asked at, do use lard and chicken stock so yippee!
Square Lotus - Factoria
13800 107th, 425.455.2793
Vietnamese cuisine at its best. Huge vegetarian menu as well as regular menu. Many dishes have meat substitutes made from chewy gluten and soy products that are very delicious.
Stone Tofu House - Redmond
In downtown Redmond near Value Village is this lovely restaurant that we as vegetarians always eat well. Make sure to tell them that you don't want any fish dishes in the Panchan they bring at no charge first. Also, you can get seconds/thirds on your favs. The Chapchae is yummy (no meat) and so is the Seafood Pancake (of course minus the seafood!!) I normally order Tofu Mushroom Soup with comes in a mini caldron bubbling away with another caldron full of white rice that sticks to the cast iron sides and continues to cook forever. At the end, you take your long metal spoon and scrape the sides so you can eat the crunchy rice adhering to the perimeter……delish! They are very accommodating and although Korean food tends to be animal-protein heavy, I promise you'll leave very full with your vegetarianism still in tact!
Sushiland - Bellevue (Redmond, Seattle)
13800 107th, 425.455.2793
The sushi revolves on a conveyer belt and you take the small plates one by one, stacking the used dishes to be counted when finished. If you desire something not revolving, just ask and it will appear.
Sukho Thai - Bellevue  
What a find!! It’s in the old Saigon City building in the Overlake area of Bellevue. Lots of parking. They bill themselves as a Vegetarian/Pescatarian restaurant, but the daily lunch buffet is completely animal free (NO FISH SAUCE)!! There are two soups and lots of salads, curries, noodle and rice dishes daily. You can scoop as much black sticky rice as you’d like!! AWESOME!!!
Taj Palace - Bellevue
2331 140th NE, 425.643.4200
From the moment you enter this attractive restaurant, you are welcomed warmly by the owner. The lunch buffet has many vegetarian choices, and some nice desserts. A great find.
Thai Kitchen - Bellevue
14115 NE 20th, 425.641.9166
Large portions of perfectly prepared food. One full page of vegetarian items and awesome desserts.
Udupi Cafe - Bellevue
14625 Ne 24th St, 425.401.2009
Just north of Fred Meyer (same parking lot) in Bellevue is a VEGETARIAN southern Indian restaurant with a HUGE daily lunch buffet. The signs above the food denote if the dish is vegan or not. This is the only Indian restaurant we've ever found that has unlimited mango lassi and chai included in the buffet! The staff is very friendly and the selection is immense.
Valley Cafe - Ellensburg
105 West Third Ave 509.925.3050
What a find on the way home from Eastern Washington! Classic vintage restaurant with lovely presentation of gourmet dishes. Very veg friendly.

South Seattle

Blossom - Renton
305 Burnett Ave So., 425.430.1610
Purely vegetarian, this large and tastefully decorated restaurant is a must! The menu is very large and the prices are fair. The menu is Buddhist, hence no onions or garlic is used. The PHO is some of the best I've ever had and chock full of goodies. Parking is out front so no worries there.
The Lemongrass - Renton
3365 S Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057 425.228.2000
In the Uwajimaya strip mall is a wonderful full service Vietnamese place. They have many vegetarian items including our favorite sandwiches---Bahn Mi.
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