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Chef Kati Peters offers catering, classes, and helpful tips for healthy shopping and dining in the Seattle area.

daizu moyashi (soy sprouts)Kati has been a strict ovo-lacto vegetarian for the past 40+ years and has taught natural foods cuisine in Japan, Toronto, and the Seattle area for over 25 years. Food is her passion: she loves shopping for food, preparing food, eating food, and of course, talking about food!

Kati frequently teaches her unique natural foods classes in the Seattle area at Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma, Pasta and Co, The Compleat Cook, J.F. Henry, Cook's World, Madison Market, Discover U, Hyogo Cultural Center, Mrs. Cook, Larry's Market, PCC (Puget Consumer's Co-op), Whole Foods, and The Bon March?


Shiitake MushroomsChef Kati is always finding new restaurants for vegetarians and vegans. Her latest finds are on the Dining Out page.

Please take a few minutes to explore the Web site and learn more about how you can incorporate Chef Kati's specialized information. Learn where to purchase super fresh veggies, and how you can take advantage of Chef Kati’s unique culinary skills to enhance your professional and personal lifestyle.

Chef Kati Peters5-Course Lunch Time
Japanese Cooking Class

Chef Kati is accepting students for her Japanese Five-Course Lunch/Cooking Class! Kati's legendary 3-hour power lunch will leave attendees mentally and physically satiated knowing that "They Can Do It!" Detailed recipes are included.

The only prerequisite is to come very hungry!! Please call 425.522.4227 for more information, dates, or to register - seating is limited.


Looking for a great restaurant that serves delicious natural food? Need information on stores that specialize in unusual produce? How about cookware and serving pieces that will make an unforgettable presentation. Check out the latest FAQ's.

hijiki with age (seaweed w/ fried tofu)


See a complete list of Chef Kati's cooking classes.



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